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It's OK, talking motherhood with Ariana Kamprad

It's OK, talking motherhood with Ariana Kamprad

In this episode we dive into postpartum and the beautiful yet challenging experience of being a mother, guilt around motherhood, honoring your divine feminine, trusting yourself, understanding the shifts in your body postpartum through Ayurveda, and navigating postpartum recovery and anxiety. This episode is so special because Ariana is my beautiful sister and has not only been a huge inspiration for me but is also so wise in the work that she does guiding and preparing new mothers in this journey through yoga. Head over to her Instagram @arianakamprad to learn more about her and her yoga classes. Ariana Kamprad is a yoga teacher and a mom. After suffering difficulty in post partum she has become passionate about using yoga to help women through motherhood, labor recovery, and post partum depression and anxiety. She is teaching weekly postnatal yoga, prenatal yoga, and yoga for all ages and levels virtually while we navigate covid 19.

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