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Holistic sustainability with Andri Johnston

Holistic sustainability with Andri Johnston

In this episode we dive into what living a sustainable lifestyle really means, easy and simple ways to get started on going more sustainable, the carbon footprint of our digital age, reconnecting to your body and the earth through sustainability, and more. This episode is jam packed with tools and resources to guide you on your sustainable journey. Head over to Andri's website, Instagram @thesustainablelibrary, and You Tube channel The Sustainable Library for even more amazing resources and guidance. Andri from The Sustainable Library has a lifelong passion for living a sustainable, simple, and slow lifestyle. After years of trying to do everything fast, she made the decision to slow down and focus on living a life that leaves little behind en gives everything back. Her website is a dedicated space for sharing her sustainable living journey (because it will always be a journey) in a simple, practical way. Because sustainable living, is the future she believe we should all live and she wants to help more people on their journies to get there.

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