Lilia Gestson

Manifestation Beyond Law of Attraction With Me, Lilia Gestson

Manifestation Beyond Law of Attraction With Me, Lilia Gestson

In this solo episode I am diving into the concept of manifestation and manifesting your happiness beyond law of attraction. Law of attraction within new age spirituality has a time and place, but there is so much beyond this practice and the theme of desire. When we get stuck in desire we are missing out on lasting joy and happiness that is cultivated from within us as we continue to journey through our inner work. If you have been feeling frustrated with manifesting your ideal life, this episode will guide you into the next steps of cultivating happiness and your "dream life" that is beyond this practice of new age spirituality manifestation. This episode is rooted in a yogic inner work approach to cultivating lasting peace, joy, and happiness in your life and transforming your experience of life and how you engage with your present moment from the inside out. - If this episode resonates on your journey, I want to invite you to RELATIONSHIP, a 3 week workshop that explores the relationship you have with your body, mind, soul, and the present moment through cyclical living, the themes of consciousness/inner work (which we are exploring a bit today in this episode), and healing sacred yoga experiences. If you are ready to foster a deep relationship with yourself and live from the inside out so that you can cultivate a practice of lasting happiness and feel empowered in how you experience your here and NOW, living life in your vibrant fullest expression no matter what life throws your way... - ...then this workshop is for you :) Head over to my website here to learn more about the workshop which begins in May and to sign up!

Duration: 36 min

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