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Goddesses Don't Rush: The moon, its cycle, and shadow work with LaToya Crick

Goddesses Don't Rush: The moon, its cycle, and shadow work with LaToya Crick

First off, this episode was pure fire and light. There is so much value in the next 60 minutes and I can not wait for you to dive in and listen. LaToya and I dive into reconnecting to the cycle of the moon, embracing goddess architypes on your cyclical journey, working with both your moon cycle and menstrual cycle in your life, how to honor your cycles when you don't have control over your schedule, and navigating your shadow work as you step into your empowered self. Head over to LaToya's IG @emeraldastrology and her website to dive further into the wisdom of the moon and its astrology. I also want to invite you to keep an eye out for our Moon Circles every month that will guide you deeper into your astrology and the moon. - You can find the book Mysteries of the Dark Moon: The Healing Power of the Dark Goddess mentioned by LaToya in this episode through the link below: - LaToya Crick is an Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Teacher, Coach, and Writer who empowers women to live a creative and fulfilling life with the cycles of the Moon and Stars. She started her own astro-journey to understand the meaning of her life and learn how to work with the cycles to manifest her dreams. Through Emerald Astrology, she shares insights about the Moon and Stars and how to work with the cycles to avoid burnout, increase self-awareness, and bridge the gap between spirituality and practicality. You can find her articles and services at and follow her Instagram @emeraldastrology. - Loving the podcast and don't want to miss any new episodes or additional content? Sign up for my free newsletter here and receive a special Cyclical Living Bundle as a "Welcome, I appreciate you' gift.

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