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Finding the GEM within your body with Liz Fever

Finding the GEM within your body with Liz Fever

In this episode of the Empowering the Light Podcast, Liz and I dive into some amazing conversations around body positivity, self love styling and embracing all bodies with love and support, finding the gem that lies beneath the surface of our bodies, pets and life during COVID, finding passion in your life vs checking off boxes, and so much more. Liz is such an inspiration and I can't wait for you to get to know her here. Feeling obsessed after this episode and ready to dive into a self love styling session or just get to know Liz better? Head over to her Instagram @lizwearswhat to get all the juicy content and inspo. - Liz Fever is a body liberation activist, self love focused stylist, writer and creative based in Philadelphia. Her work is steeped in her own journey to body acceptance, and she strives to help all women feel confident and seen in their personal style. When she isn't writing about fat positivity or styling clients, Liz loves drinking coffee, spending time with her reptiles, weaving and reading! - Loving the podcast and don't want to miss any new episodes or additional content? Sign up for my free newsletter here and receive a special Cyclical Living Bundle as a "Welcome, I appreciate you' gift.

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