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Be the Change, it Starts from Within with Taylor Henley

Be the Change, it Starts from Within with Taylor Henley

This episode is epic as Taylor Henley and I explore an empowering approach to activism and natural conservation, the connection between your own inner work and nature herself, being the change you want to see in the world from the inside out, and navigating your emotions in the journey of remembering your truth. Taylor's approach and perspective to inner work is a true inspiration and I can't wait for you to dive deeper into the exploration of your truth and soul remembrance here on the podcast. Excited to explore this journey and Taylor's work? Head over to her Instagram @taylor__henley to dive deeper into her content and offerings. - Taylor is an inner work facilitator and spiritual guide and mentor serving and supporting those seeking to reconnect to themselves, a higher power, and their roots within Nature. Through her time spent traveling, diving, and photographing the animals in the ocean, as well as her passion for conserving the natural spaces of the world, Taylor has come to believe that inner work is the key to ushering in true and lasting change and healing - on an individual, collective, and planetary level. - Loving the podcast and don't want to miss any new episodes or additional content? Sign up for my free newsletter here and receive a special Cyclical Living Bundle as a "Welcome, I appreciate you' gift.

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