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Agency + Seasonal Wellness + Ayurveda with Haylee Warner

Agency + Seasonal Wellness + Ayurveda with Haylee Warner

In this episode with guest Haylee Warner we dive into finding balance and taking agency over your health through Ayurveda, honoring the history, traditions, and culture of traditional holistic wellness practices, preventative medicine and shifting our language around our wellness, and Seasonal Wellness to support you as we enter a new Earth season. This episode is so full of wisdom to support you in living your best life with balance and support from the elements. Feeling super excited to learn more about Ayurveda and Seasonal Wellness? Head over to Haylee's website to join her weekly newsletter, schedule a free health consult to explore how Ayurveda can support you, and check out her new course through Vitality at - Haylee Warner, HHC, RYT is a Seasonal Wellness Guide on Lenni Lenape Territory (Philly). She began learning holistic health to find the best way to take care of herself and avoid the Medical-Industrial complex. Her mission is to empower people’s agency within the healthcare system and to feel confident using everyday tools to support their wellbeing. The seasonal tools offered in her programs are no further than the spices in your kitchen and as close to you as your breath. The key is knowing what to choose for your unique experience. - Loving the podcast and don't want to miss any new episodes or additional content? Sign up for my free newsletter here and receive a special Cyclical Living Bundle as a "Welcome, I appreciate you' gift.

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