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Emergency Management Australia Podcast – Episode 17

Emergency Management Australia Podcast – Episode 17

Human nature is to prepare for what you know. But from an emergency management point of view, what happens if we find ourselves dealing with a situation that's so much bigger than anything we've ever experienced or could have imagined? This is one of those questions the sector will continue to wrestle with as it pushes to stay on top of emerging risks and threats. But rather than reinventing the wheel, experts from across the globe are reaching out and learning from one another, to help their communities be more disaster resilient. Australia and the United States have just completed their first ever emergency management staff exchange – a critical part of both countries’ commitment to expand emergency management knowledge across the globe. In this episode we talk to Emergency Management Australia’s Rebecca Hosking about her time in the United States and learn what it’s like in one of the world’s biggest emergency management organisations. We also chat to emergency management veteran Bob Jensen about preparing for the unimaginable and how important it is to act on what you learn from these experiences.

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