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Ep. 44: Cannabis and Virtual Community with Miss Bliss

Ep. 44: Cannabis and Virtual Community with Miss Bliss

This week, Miss Bliss (Deidra) joins Ashley to talk about organizing a sisterhood of women connecting through cannabis, and other fun, empowering activities.  Bio: Deidra Bagdasarian (a.k.a. Miss Bliss) is a long time activist and leader in the cannabis industry. She’s created award winning edibles, lectures for collegiate cannabis courses, and is the founder of the Glowing Goddess Getaway. She is a plant enthusiast and promotes eating, smoking, and growing plants. She lives in the woods of Northern California in a polyamorous triad with two children enjoying the outdoors, her cannasisterhood, her family, and her plants. Follow Miss Bliss: Her Instagram: @missbliss710 Her Facebook: @missbliss710 Glowing Goddess Getaway on IG: @GlowingGoddessGetaway Miss Bliss' Relationship Triad Life: @TeamTriHarder Glowing Goddess Getaway's website: Glowing Goddess Getaway To find more about Elevated Intimacy Podcast, visit www.ElevatedIntimacyPodcast.com or follow www.instagram.com/elevatedintimacy To keep up with Ashley, visit www.CannaSexual.com or her coaching website www.elevatedrelationship.com or follow her on IG www.instagram.com/cannasexual  Special thanks to our sponsor, Sybian. Reach out to Ashley for a special $100 off discount code! If you have comments or ideas for future episodes, please DM us on Instagram! Please like, subscribe, and review!

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