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Elementz Live by Elementz SA | Nick Lopez of The Bubble Bath Car Wash | Ep. 06

Elementz Live by Elementz SA | Nick Lopez of The Bubble Bath Car Wash | Ep. 06

Hosts Chris Moken and Brandon Vondera sit with Nick Lopez of The Bubble Bath Car Wash in San Antonio, TX to discuss how Bubble Bath operates as sustainably as possible, how they give back to the cultural heritage here in San Antonio, and much more.  If you ever wanted to know a bit more about how much water a car wash uses, how this new wave of tunnel washes is helping to reduce waste, and how you stack up when washing your car in the driveway with a bucket, this is the episode for you.  Nick is a New Leaders Council alum, and shares his progressive stance to tackling climate change one car at a time, while ensuring a brighter future for his growing family and the planet alike.  Bubble Bath Car Was can be found online at www.thebubblebathcarwash.com, and on Instagram @BubbleBathCW To learn more about Elementz SA, find us online at www.elementzfest.com , and see our IG @Elementz_SATX Elementz SA is a nonprofit sustainability-focused organization working to raise the consciousness of living sustainably in San Antonio, and beyond. Look for our pop-up events in and around San Antonio, and if you'd like to help us on our mission to host the best sustainable music and arts festival please message us at elementz@elementzfest.com  Special thanks to Frank Burton and the crew at New Leaf Organic Wellness for hosting us. 

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