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Elementz Live by Elementz SA | Gardopia Gardens | Ep. 05

Elementz Live by Elementz SA | Gardopia Gardens | Ep. 05

Elementz Live: A podcast by Elementz SA Ep. 05 : Stephen Lucke of Gardopia Gardens Hosts Brandon Vondera and Christopher Moken sit down with Stephen Lucke, of Gardopia Gardens, a garden-based wellness nonprofit, with a community garden on the near east side of San Antonio. If you enjoy gardening, are an educator or parent of children that may enjoy a gardening program at their school, this episode is for you. Gardopia Gardens is preparing for a Spring Garden Competition, an opportunity for beginner, novice, and master gardeners alike to grow, show, and share how much food they are growing from their garden space. The purpose of the competition is to collect data, to see how much produce is being grown throughout San Antonio. Gardopia Gardens works directly with many schools in town, building, supporting, and using school gardens as a tool for education, and empowerment for these young minds. In addition to the schools, Gardopia also partners with local businesses operating culinary gardens, selling mulch and compost from a small materials yard, and offering courses throughout the year at their N. New Braunfels location in San Antonio. This episode was recorded live at New Leaf Organic Wellness in San Antonio, Texas. Thank you to Mr. Frank Burton and the staff at New Leaf Organic Wellness. Episode Webpage: Episode Tags: #GardopiaGardens #gardenbasedlearning #growinghealthycommunities #satx #communitygardens #eastside #SanAntonio #urbanagriculture #volunteerism

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