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Fri. 08/09 – Friday I’m In Love

Fri. 08/09 – Friday I’m In Love

Warren’s path to the nomination, how the economy is doing in swing states, what Biden and Bullock ate on sticks at the Iowa State Fair yesterday, the Biden gaffe heard ‘round the world, an update on that rumored Hickenlooper Senate run, and Yang releases a playlist of his “favorite jams.”Sponsors:MyWallSt (http://mywallst.com/ride)Links:“I’ve Fallen In Love and I Can’t Get Up” — This American Life (This American Life/Chris Higgins)Chris Higgins on TwitterChris Higgins on InstagramElection Ride Home on TwitterSurging in Polls, Elizabeth Warren Now Has a Path to the Nomination (NY Mag)2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination (RealClearPolitics)Here’s How the Economy Has Performed in Every Swing State Since Trump Was Elected (Fortune)Butter Cow History (Iowa State Fair)From pulled pork to politics, Iowa State Fair is all things Iowa (The Gazette)Democrat Steve Bullock on the Register's Political Soapbox | Iowa State Fair 2019 (1/23) (YouTube/DMRegister)Biden w/Ice Cream on a Stick (Twitter/Joe Biden)Bullock w/Pork on a Stick (Twitter/Steve Bullock)Bullock re deep-fried Oreos (Twitter/Steve Bullock)Democrats descend on Iowa as a new poll shows Biden leading with voters (MSNBC)Biden says 'poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids' (NBC News)Tweet with response from Biden campaign (Twitter/Mike Memoli)Clip of Biden making a similar remark, minus the “white” part (Twitter/Chris D. Jackson)Hickenlooper faces buzz saw if he drops out to run for Senate (Politico)Andrew Yang releases Spotify playlist of 'favorite jams' (The Hill)

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