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Episode #38: The future of employee advocacy (with Glenn Gaudet)

Episode #38: The future of employee advocacy (with Glenn Gaudet)

“What you’re trying to do is not just have employees be an amplification for the company. You’re trying to help them engage with people digitally. And you’re trying to create an engagement – so they can create a relationship.” – Glenn Gaudet After a long summer break (which somehow eked into fall), Sharon and I are back! And we’re delighted to welcome a friend and employee advocacy expert Glenn Gaudet. As CEO of GaggleAMP, Glenn leads a team that helps companies transform their workforce into a social media powerhouse. Sharon and I worked with Glenn when we launched PepsiCo’s award-winning ambassador program, and we learned much from him then. And of course, in this conversation, we learn more, including: How employee advocacy has evolved in the past 10 years – and where it’s headed next (pssst: It’s about employee engagement) Why employee advocacy is so powerful for brand building Hot-off-the-press findings from a new survey, “Building the Case for an Employee Advocacy Program,” which showcases what makes for a successful program – and how communicators can help. Some survey findings that surprised even Glenn And so much more. Glenn pulled together the following resource for our EE Voice listeners, which includes links and downloads to the survey, how to get started with employee advocacy and a great case study about Carbon Black.Continue Reading → The post Episode #38: The future of employee advocacy (with Glenn Gaudet) appeared first on FIR Podcast Network.

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