Will 2020 help or hinder Year 12 students? Professor John Hattie - Podcast

Will 2020 help or hinder Year 12 students? Professor John Hattie - Podcast

2020 has been a challenging and disruptive year for everyone with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, but one group that is often thought about is students – particularly those completing Year 12 this year. To explore this issue more, Education Review spoke to Professor John Hattie from the University of Melbourne. Although he acknowledges that many Year 12s might be suffering socially this year as the final year of schooling is considered “a rite of passage”, Hattie sees many benefits associated with a remote or online model of learning. Firstly, he points out that thousands of students across Australia have studied online successfully for years. Hattie also adds that students learn to “self-regulate and own their learning” while learning remotely. The Visible Learning founder also refers to a recent study that found many Year 12s felt that could learn more efficiently in a remote learning context. Also, in light of many higher and vocational education courses being delivered online, Hattie sees the remote learning experience as “incredible preparation”. On the topics of ATARs and university entry, while Hattie says there is no need to drop ATAR, states and territories may look at other ways of calculating “what goes into it” and this may alleviate some of the anxiety and stress facing students. He also said that ATAR is often not the sole determiner for university entry; indeed, "for the last decade universities have used multiple indicators" to select applicants.

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