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How To Raise Kids To Be Thrivers | Episode 224

How To Raise Kids To Be Thrivers | Episode 224

When academic metrics are so front and center in today’s culture, how do we raise a population of strong, healthy kids who are more than just grades on paper? In Episode 224, Christine talks to Dr. Michele Borba about her new book, Thrivers: The Surprising Reasons Why Some Kids Struggle and Others Shine. Christine and Michele talk about the cultural obsession with striving, the key character strengths that will help kids become thrivers, why examining core assets and addressing “attention robbers” matters, and how and where overwhelmed parents can get started on the journey to raise kids who will thrive. + + + + + Edit Your Life shares practical ideas for decluttering your home, schedule, and mental space without getting bogged down by perfection. Hosts Christine Kohi and Asha Dornfest are award-winning bloggers and the co-authors of MINIMALIST PARENTING and won the 2017 Iris Award for Podcast Of The Year. Share: #edityourlifeshow Show notes: Facebook: Instagram: Email:

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