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Episode 8: Finding Your Fringe Hours

Episode 8: Finding Your Fringe Hours

The task of finding time for yourself can seem daunting, particularly when it can be challenging to -- well -- pee without the company of your children. One of the keys to shifting your perspective and daily experience is to find your fringe hours. In Episode 8 of Edit Your Life, Christine interviews Jessica Turner about how to edit guilt and comparison out of your life, the elusive struggle for balance, why it’s hard to ask for help (and how to get over that!), and mindreading (or lack thereof) -- all to the effect of making room for the things in life that bring you joy. Do you have a question, comment, or show topic idea for us? Would you like to sponsor an upcoming episode? We’d love to hear from you via, by tagging your Instagram or Twitter posts with #edityourlifeshow, or via You’ll find show notes for this episode, including links to resources we’ve mentioned, at +

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