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EP 109: How to target Doormat Flounder ( flounder fishing made easy )

EP 109: How to target Doormat Flounder ( flounder fishing made easy )

In this episode of The eastern Current Saltwater Fishing Podcast Michael and I discus tactics, tricks and tips for targeting flounder both inshore and nearshore. Flounder Fishing can be a great filler on the off times of the tide. Fishing for flounder is very rewarding because flounder tend to hangout in very obvious areas. We hope this episode helps you build a little more confidence for your next trip on the water!  Do you love Eastern Current and want to help support us as well as gain access to tons of extra content that has never been released to the public? Donate through our PATREON Account! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=31609753&fan_landing=true Be Sure to checkout Eastern Current on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram as well as anywhere that you can listen to podcasts. Check out Eastern Current's website! https://etcurrent.com/ Book a Fishing Trip -Jud Brock - https://www.easternangling.com/ Book a Hunt  -Jud Brock- https://www.easternwaterfowl.com/   inshore fishing , light tackle fishing , saltwater fishing , backwater fishing , flounder fishing , fluke fishing , north carolina fishing , fishing podcast , saltwater fishing podcast 

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