Arenas of Change: Our Possessions

Arenas of Change: Our Possessions

“Arenas of Change: Possessions” 2 Corinthians 9:6-13 (Exodus 35:4-29) Introduction: I. Who Matters in the Matter of Giving? II. What Motives Should Guide our Giving? (7) A. motives to avoid 1. Not “Reluctantly” … 2. Not “under compulsion” … B. motive to acquire -- cheerful Exodus 35:21-29 why does God love a cheerful giver?? 1. This is the way God is … 2. Cheerful is a work of God’s Spirit ... “Fruit” is JOY III. why is a sense of “meaning” derived from giving? iv. where do we get the “means” for giving? (8-10)

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