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Tim Dower: What to remember when voting in the cannabis referendum

Tim Dower: What to remember when voting in the cannabis referendum

I don't usually have too much trouble deciding how to vote, did it Monday, electorate and party votes no problem.End of Life Choice, I've had reservations but the referendum is a clear question.Do I support the package that's been scrutinised debated and endorsed by Parliament?MPs have finished with it, this is a straight Yes or No, is it the right move...are the safeguards adequate?I went Yes.Lastly, the cannabis question...and this is the question.Do you support the proposed Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill?Much more difficult.On the one hand, prohibition obviously isn't working...not that the police bother prosecuting for simple possession any more.On the other, what I read about the effect of legalising in Canada and the States doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.Sure, some people will switch to legit sources for their weed, so there won't be as much in it for the criminal element.But the evidence suggests they'll respond with lower prices for stronger...potentially more harmful dope.So will things be better...or worse...can't tell.  Thing is, the legalisation is only a work in progress right comes into parliament if more than 50% vote “yes”.Could the Bill change before it becomes law...well, yes, that's what the Select Committees and debates are for.Will there be another referendum to confirm it, not so far as I can see.So what we're really being asked on cannabis is, are you willing to let Parliament go ahead and legislate on dope?At the end of the day, the answer was easier than I'd thought.

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