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Ear of the Edgeland Ep.2 / Breydonsound

Ear of the Edgeland Ep.2 / Breydonsound

Breydonsound is the second in a series of podcasts taking an explorative and alternative look at the county of Norfolk. This second episode features Gorleston based painter, Bruer Tidman in conversation with artist and writer, Sarah Lowndes in a bird hide overlooking Breydon Water. The first part of Breydonsound focuses on the social history of the area, through stories and ideas emerging from Bruer's time spent living in and around Yarmouth, before the pair discuss the inherent magic and appeal of this landscape and the broads more widely. Breydonsound features a recording of 'Goodbye Dad' by Yarmouth based, Jason Parr (recorded in new Yarmouth galelry, Ex Marks the Spot) and a piece taken from his most recent release 'Bubble and Squeak'. Ear of the Edgeland Ep.2 / Breydonsound was produced by Oliver Payne for the Norfolk and Norwich Sonic Arts Collective in partnership with originalprojects;. Field Recordings of Burgh Castle made by Richard Fair, recordings from under Breydon flyover made by Oliver Payne. We are extremely grateful to the Broads Landscape Partnership's 'Water, Mills and Marshes' project for funding this project.

Duration: 37 min

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