Could everyone - including my hormones, just bugger off?

Could everyone - including my hormones, just bugger off?

Do you ever have times you are so fed up you just want to throw in the towel and escape? That's pretty much how January has been for me! We've got some tips on how to turn things around and get out of that funk and into a happier place. We're also going to rant about hormones and hot flashes and some tips on surviving them.We're going to wrap with a pretty honest chat about judgement and why we really, truly do it. And the only way I could figure this out was because I caught myself being a judgey mom myself! Shame on me! We're going to share some updates you should know on Vitamin D and a gadget that will help you always find your keys and whatever else you lose on a regular basis. So pour a glass of wine, sit back and have a listen and chime us if you have any comments or suggestions!

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