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WandaVision Finale Predictions and Theories

WandaVision Finale Predictions and Theories

Kyle welcomes back Anthony Gramuglia of and James Supp of Antiques Roadshow and The Justuff League to discuss the upcoming WandaVision finale and all of our theories and predictions. SPOILERS AHEAD! How does WandaVision fit into the greater MCU? Did Paul Bettany troll all of us? And will Vision be able to leave Westview? We also discuss our favorite Dinosaurs AND Kaiju.  King Kong vs Godzilla 1962:  Come join our Facebook group! Roshi's Secret Stash Subscribe on Youtube:  Subscribe on Apple Podcasts: Follow on Spotify: Patreon: Twitter: Instagram: Voicemail: 401-213-9596    Email:

Duration: 1 hr 47 min

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