43. Steven Moe - Law, Seeds, and Maximum Impact

43. Steven Moe - Law, Seeds, and Maximum Impact

In this episode I had the privilege of sitting down with lawyer, writer and podcaster Steven Moe.  Steven is someone whose life reflects his desire to see change in the world.  He loves to support other change makers, as well as role modelling fresh ways of approaching situations. We talk about his podcast, The Seeds, and he shares how and why it came about. We also explore how he functions as a lawyer who wants to do good in the world. We talk about the ways businesses can structure themselves to have a positive impact on the world, and about being stewards who pass on to the next generations something worth having.  We discuss Steven's writing and why he serves on boards and advisory groups and how he does all of that while having a family.  There's a bit of everything in this kōrero! Check out The Seeds at for podcast links as well as articles and other bits and pieces.  Follow The Seeds on Facebook or Instagram And download a copy of Steven's latest book: Laying Foundations for Reimagining Business for free at ___ Connect with me at or at: Facebook:  Instagram: @downtoearth.conversations Email:   Music by Strahan: Spotify: Strahan Facebook:  or Instagram: @strahanmusic  or  @commoners_communion

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