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Special 10 - What Shall Everyone Know about Nature Based Solutions?

Special 10 - What Shall Everyone Know about Nature Based Solutions?

with 🎙️ Antoine Walter, Podcaster in Chief and Senior Business Development Manager @ GF Piping Systems 💧 GF Piping Systems is the leading flow solutions provider, specializing in process automation solutions to ensure sustainable water management for life. It's been an amazing year on the (don't) Waste Water podcast!  52 awesome guests shared a wealth of knowledge on the microphone, and we covered a vast array of topics. Too much to digest in 10 minutes? No worries, I cooked you a series of syntheses to give you a sound understanding of some key topics.  The deal? If you like it, please share it with your friends! Nature-Based Solutions are by definition not a new trend, but a reconnection to what nature does best. It may sometimes convey the image of a "hippie science" but when you look closer, that's absolutely wrong! Nature-Based Solutions come in various sizes and flavors: Circular Economy, Biomimicry, Donut Economy, Net Positive Water... More and more we see green engineering complimenting, enhancing, and sometimes replacing grey approaches. Here's what you shall know about it in just 5 minutes! ➡️ Wanna dive more into the topic of Nature-Based Solutions? Listen to my full interviews with these selected guests: 🎙️ Denise Mall - S3E8   🎙️ James Murray - S3E18  🎙️ Marc Barra - S3E19  🎙️ Silvana Di Sabatino - S3E20  🎙️ Michael Stanley Gallisdorfer - S2E17  🎙️ Claudia Winkler and Alice Schmidt - S3E6  ➡️ Get the Full Story 

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