Episode 61 - Maternity Fasion

Episode 61 - Maternity Fasion

Why does it cost so much? Why do I feel pregnant in the clothes while celebrities look amazing? Why are there not more choices for pregnancy fashion? These are all legit questions and questions we'll try to tackle in today's episode when we look at....maternity fashion. I'll give a brief look back at maternity clothes though the years and I have two words....maternity corset! Yea, it was a thing. We put off wearing these clothes for so long, we can't afford a lot of items, but you have to admit...the stretchiness is sooo comfy! We sample the Beach Bum lemon coconut vodka beverage (aka summer in a can!), review our fave pieces of maternity fashion, and give our mom shout out to KAREN ROWE from One Tree Hill. What are your maternity fashion loves and hates? Did you buy, borrow, or thrift your clothes? Find us on the socials or email us your parenting stories at 

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