DOMKcast with Dorothy 4.30

DOMKcast with Dorothy 4.30

Known for tough phraseology in her lyrics, Dorothy Martin from the band Dorothy showed a more vulnerable side on her latest album “28 Days In The Valley”. She was the special guest on the DOMKcast for a 2nd time this past weekend. The song “Flawless” is about a past relationship of Dorothy’s that didn’t end so well. Although, the situation was tough to go through at the time, it spawned tremendous writing content for Dorothy. Lunchbox and Promo Brady asked her if the “EX” realizes the song is about him? She says chances are that he doesn’t realize it. Enjoying continued growth in her personal life, Dorothy talks about recently becoming sober. For her, alcohol was leading to countless negativity in her life and was something that had to go. Hear about her struggles and how sobriety has effected her in a positive way. She’ll be doing some touring in 2018, hitting the road with Greta Van Fleet and playing a handful of festivals throughout the years. Dorothy has a strong relationship with Linda Perry of Four Non Blonde who has helped her immensely in terms of her music and growth personally. Promo Brady described them as “The Dynamic Duo or Batman and Robin”. Hear about their close relationship and more on episode 54 of the DOMKcast.

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