The Power of Words with guest Rose Marie Raccioppi

The Power of Words with guest Rose Marie Raccioppi

Rose Marie Raccioppi is hands down one of my favorite guests.  Her information can't be heard anywhere else.  In this episode, we'll hear about the power of words.   There is no "woo" here.  This is the real deal.  Words have vibrations that can be measured.  It's also something that you can experience.   Below is a poem by Lord Byron followed by a poem by Rose Marie Raccioppi.  Rose Marie's contact information can be found at the bottom of this description.       "Words are things, and a small drop of ink falling like dew upon a thought produces that which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think." Lord Byron, 1788-1824   Words, those markers of thought, sounding within us, hanker for expression. Words, those marks upon paper, our own or that of another find their meaning within us. A poem, its meter, its rhythm, its rhyme, its structure, its pulse, calls for our attentive consideration. Within the words, the line, the totality of a poem, we to find meaning, inspiration, an accord, a resolve and yes, another question.    WORDS words words for prayer words for play for the faith and frolic of our day for the politician's power quest words chosen thought to be best words that conjure thoughts of freedom, the held ideal words to affirm a continued and favored appeal words of the lovers passionate and sweet to assure affectionate embraces when they do meet words to praise and hold gratitude true gems and jewels when bestowed upon you words of inspiration holding to nature's grace to bring us to another time another place words of faith, vision and quest within each held life's behest the poet's game to choose words well to touch those chambers where heart and soul dwell. Rose Marie Raccioppi Poet Laureate Orangetown, New York             Rose Marie can be reached Toll Free at 1-866-228-8663.  These are Rose Marie Raccioppi's websites.

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