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149: Owning Your Telemedicine Options Including Nomadic Life on the Road with Dr. Tom Davis

149: Owning Your Telemedicine Options Including Nomadic Life on the Road with Dr. Tom Davis

“I’ve been doing this with specialists and primary care doctors and the innovation there is just amazing. And the opportunity to live the life that you want to lead is more amazing still.” - Dr. Tom Davis MD FAAFP Telemedicine is a rapidly growing field, and in this episode Dr. Jen Barna speaks with telemedicine expert, Dr. Tom Davis. Entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, and author, Dr. Tom Davis talks about his journey into telemedicine and how this enables him to work from the road, enjoying his freedom while slow traveling. Dr. Davis is an authority on telemedicine and he has the answers to your questions. You will hear why telemedicine is such an attractive option for doctors as well as how it can open you up to do the things you love while still earning a great salary. It has given Dr. Davis freedom to practice while traveling all over the world with his wife and two dogs. Is telemedicine for you? Please let us know! After hanging his shingle in a small town on the Missouri River in 1994, Dr. Tom Davis and his partners leveraged one of the first total-risk Medicare Advantage contracts into the creation of a regional health system. After 18 years of wonderfully autonomous practice, Dr. Davis sold his health system to a regional competitor for $132m and began traveling the country with one goal, using the lessons learned to mentor other clinicians and their organizations in how to quit the treadmill and practice with joy. Telemedicine, cash-pay revenue streams, value-based healthcare, and Dr. Davis’ unique, practical perspective has helped more than a million patients receive better care and left thousands of clinicians more fulfilled. He currently shares his wisdom in his online community app NewScript, available on Apple and Google play.   Mentor, Speaker, Author---Dr. Davis consistently releases great high-value content across his many channels so clinicians can serve their patients sustainably and with joy.   Another episode you may like: Episode 85 How to Live an Amazing Life on Less with Amy and Tim Rutherford of "GoWithLess”  Find full transcripts of DocWorking: The Whole Physician Podcast episodes on the DocWorking Blog  What if you had a team of trusted thinking partners, experienced coaches who have helped hundreds of physicians overcome obstacles and who know what works?  DocWorking THRIVE is the Physician Coaching and Community Subscription Package that Guides You as a Doctor to Embrace Life in the way that is most meaningful to you, integrate that with your work so you can truly thrive, and be a valued member of our growing private community of doctors from across the nation. DocWorking empowers physicians and entire health care teams to get back on the path to achieving their dreams.   Coaches and Courses at DocWorking: Click to see the full list!   Virtual Team Leadership for Physicians Next cohort starting TODAY!  February 28 through April 8, 2022 Click here to sign up now! Ace the Boards and Max Your CME (Click here for your BoardVitals Discount just for being a DocWorking listener!)   Save Money Now: Refinance Your Student Loan Debt   Click Here for Refinancing Discounts just for being a DocWorking listener!   Take Back Your Time: Get a Virtual Assistant   Become a Medical Legal Consultant   Achieve Financial Independence with a Financial Planner/Advisor   Protect Yourself and Your Family with the Right Insurance     Are you a physician who would like to tell your story? Please email Amanda, our producer, at to be considered. And if you like our podcast and would like to subscribe and leave us a 5 star review, we would be extremely grateful! We’re everywhere you like to get your podcasts! Apple iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Google, Pandora, Stitcher, PlayerFM, ListenNotes, Amazon, YouTube, Podbean You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.    Some links in our blogs and show notes are affiliate links, and purchases made via those links may result in payments to DocWorking. These help toward our production costs. Thank you for supporting DocWorking: The Whole Physician Podcast! Occasionally, we discuss financial and legal topics. We are not financial or legal professionals. Please consult a licensed professional for financial or legal advice regarding your specific situation.   Show notes written by Amanda Taran   Episode edited by Albert Antomattei

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