Doctor Who: The Missing Episodes Podcast - Episode 3 - The Crusade

Doctor Who: The Missing Episodes Podcast - Episode 3 - The Crusade

Ever wondered what you’d do if you found a missing episode of Doctor Who? After Paul and Tim review the season two story 'The Crusade', Paul Scoones joins them to recount 'The Lion’s Tale'. Paul was one of the dedicated New Zealand superfans who helped recover episode one of the story in 1999. Paul (aided by wonderful written testimony from his good friend Neil Lambess) recounts this compelling tale of great good fortune, chewed nails, BBC bureaucracy and those that helped along the way. Join us for this very special episode: Paul and Tim were grinning from ear to ear as the tale was told and we’re sure you will too! The full 90 minute interview will imminently be released as a bonus; in it we discuss Paul’s extensive involvement in many official and unofficial Doctor Who projects, with added Lion content! Paul Scoones can be found on Twitter @paul_scoones, and the NZDWFC web pages, including his written account of “The Lion’s Tale” can be found here. (For those bored of Paul and Tim, Paul Scoones joins the conversation at 33 minutes. For those bored of confectionary-based humour, that stops at the first three hours. Sorry, minutes) If you enjoy this podcast, we'd love it if you shared it on social media to help us find our audience! Tim is on Twitter @drwhopodcasters, Paul @mrpaulmorris and please do come and like our Facebook page. This free podcast borrows snippets of music from “Marche, Les Structures Sonores” – Lasry Baschet and big cat noises are by Leo the Lion.

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