The DO Lectures

S2 EP7 David Hieatt | Being Amazing Despite...

S2 EP7 David Hieatt | Being Amazing Despite...

The DO Lectures is an ideas sharing event run out of an old cowshed in Cardigan Bay, Wales. In this series of DO podcasts, Gav Thompson chats to people about how they have achieved their amazing levels of success, as well as uncovering some of the despites that they have had to overcome to get there. In this episode, the co-founder of The DO Lectures, David Hieatt, chats to Gav about his road to becoming amazing (David's, not Gav's). David started his career in advertising, whilst being somewhat distracted by his obsession with sports brands. This obsession turned into his own skateboarding and biking brand, Howies. David and his wife, Clare, built Howies into a very successful and uber cool brand that they eventually sold. David talks about his regret at selling Howies at the wrong time to the wrong people and how that "despite" actually fed and led to the phenomenal growth and success of both The DO Lectures and his and Clare's brilliant Made in Wales jeans company, Hiut Denim Co. Dave is the reason that this podcast exists and the reason that I am hosting it. He has an unbelievable amount of creativity, wisdom and warmth, which I hope the listeners get the chance to tune into here. Please do leave a review, rating and subscribe. Thank you.

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