The DO Lectures

S2 EP5 Caspar Craven | Being Amazing Despite...Yourself

S2 EP5 Caspar Craven | Being Amazing Despite...Yourself

The DO Lectures is an ideas sharing event run out of an old cowshed in Cardigan Bay, Wales. In this series of DO podcasts, Gav Thompson chats to people about how they have achieved their amazing levels of success, as well as uncovering some of the despites that they have had to overcome to get there. In Episode 5 of Being Amazing Despite..., Gav chats to Caspar Craven. Caspar was running an unsuccessful business and was close to divorce when he had the genius idea to pack it all in and sail around the world for 2 years in a small yacht with his wife, who hated sailing and suffered from seasickness, and his 3 little children, aged 9, 7 and 2. This in itself is a very interesting, if slightly bonkers, story. But the amazingness of Caspar's story is actually how he managed to achieve such a monumental adventure and his learnings along the way, including overcoming himself and his habit of stuffing things up. Please do leave a review, rating and subscribe. Thank you.

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