Audio Drama from Visionarher Productions/One Dream Films

District Queen

"District Queen" is a sexy crime drama series about Margo, a young flight attendant, who has grown tired of her mundane life but soon finds adventure in an exciting mysterious man. District Queen was created/executive produced by Akiya McKnight and written/direct by Zell Gaymon. Starring @MikiaJeter @PhoenixWashington @KhalimahG @ToyaMNelson Follow @districtqueenpod for all updates. #DistrictQueen

Episodes: 12


S2 Episode 8: Revelations

Duration: 24 min

S2 Episode 7: Naked Eyes Are Blind

Duration: 19 min

S2 Ep 6: Setting The Stage

Duration: 17 min

Inside The District: Session 5

Duration: 12 min

Inside The District: Session 4

Duration: 11 min

S2 Ep 5: Moons Envy The Sun

Duration: 20 min

Inside The District Session 3

Duration: 10 min

S2 Ep 4: Depths Of Deception

Duration: 16 min

S2 EP 3: Complicated Desires

Duration: 16 min

Inside The District Session 2

Duration: 7 min

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