EastEnders at 35 - Colin and Barry and the first gay kiss in soap

EastEnders at 35 - Colin and Barry and the first gay kiss in soap

Gary Hailes played Barry Clark - one half of 'Colin and Barry', EastEnders' first gay couple.  Here as part of our series of shows to celebrate EastEnders' 35 years, Gary reveals how he landed the role which saw him beaten up in real life. He talks about how that first on-screen gay kiss in soap caused a real furore, Barry's friendship with Dot, why the couple were eventually written out and what Gary makes of Barry's 80s hair cut and dress sense now. Gary Hailes is speaking to MIM's Ashley Byrne.The Distinct Nostalgia theme is composed by Rebecca Applin and Chris Warner. From this week you can enjoy 3 NEW Distinct Nostalgia shows every single week ...Wednesday is now Distinct Nostalgia soap day. Loads of retro soap chat with the actual stars who were there ... The regular Distinct Nostalgia programme moves to Fridays with a variety of shows celebrating all our tv and film yesterdays.And then we’ve the Distinct Nostalgia Mind of the Month Quiz every Sunday from 11.Distinct Nostalgia - 3 Times A Week plus a treasure trove of programmes to listen to any time at DistinctNostalgia.comSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/distinctnostalgia)

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