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Episode 62: Tales of a connected CEO in times of lockdown

Episode 62: Tales of a connected CEO in times of lockdown

The Social Age has seen the adoption of social media by the masses, however the benefits to CEOs have gone unnoticed by many a leader. And during a time when digital media is the only channel for remaining connected to your workforce and customers, being socially savvy is a must.In this episode, Paul Miller is joined by the author of The Social CEO, Damian Corbet, and Sarah Walker-Smith to discuss the importance of staying connected before, during and after lockdown.Guest speakers: Damian Corbet, Founder, The Social C-Suite; and Sarah Walker-Smith, CEO, Shakespeare Martineau.Show notes, links and resources for this episode: Decade of Courage Manifest: Social CEO: How Social Media Can Make You A Stronger Leader, by Damian Corbet: Work Miles Movement: Edelmen Trust Barometer: Athena Doctrine: How Women (and the Men Who Think Like Them) Will Rule the Future, by John Gerzema and Michael D’Antonio: See for privacy and opt-out information.

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