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AskDWG: How do we surf the uncertain digital workplace waves?

AskDWG: How do we surf the uncertain digital workplace waves?

AskDWG is a knowledge service for DWG members, where they can ask our experts any digital workplace and intranet related question. Drawing on DWG’s extensive resources, we aim to answer queries by tapping into the DWG knowledge base and best practice research library, drawing upon insight from the wider DWG team of experts, and connecting members with fellow DWG members to share experiences.In our AskDWG podcasts, Shimrit Janes, Director of Knowledge, shares with Paul Miller two hot topics that have come up in recent member AskDWG queries. Together, they discuss the latest relevant thinking and highlight available DWG resources for further reading.In this episode, Shimrit and Paul tackle these AskDWG questions:How can we be making progress on a new intranet while our budget has been put on hold?What is the largest long-term shift you expect to occur from the pandemic within the context of work?Show notes, links and resources for this episode:Remote Working 2020: Distributed working in times of disruption: DWG Work Miles Movement: See for privacy and opt-out information.

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