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52 – Jazz Jackrabbit

52 – Jazz Jackrabbit

Seriously, where’s my Saturday morning cartoon of this? With the cereal, and toys, and t-shirts? Why was this not a bigger franchise? Sorry, this episode we’re looking at Jazz Jackrabbit, the prodigal son of Epic Megagames, or as you know them now just Epic. This is the game that showed the world that computers could handle a fast platformer just like Mario & Sonic on consoles. Remember to connect with us on twitter @roadmappodcast, visit the website, Facebook, or join the Discord server. And if you’re in the market for a new game, try shopping using our Humble Bundle Partner Link to give a little back to the show at no extra cost. References: Jazz Jackrabbit Bucky O’Hare Soundtrack Jazz 3 + Demo Humble Store Subscribe on Apple Podcast Subscribe on Android Listen on Stitcher Open In Spotify Music credits: Song – My cue to leave Artist – Steve Combs Album – The Green Album

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