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Journeys in African Entrepreneurship wt Osaretin/ Chukuka DE043

Journeys in African Entrepreneurship wt Osaretin/ Chukuka DE043

On this episode, Osaretin & Chukuka discusses the reason behind their new project In Pursuit - Journeys in African Entrepreneurship chronicles thier journeys and experiences from successful Wall Street careers in America to starting their own businesses in Nigeria. Drawing on their experiences of working, building and supporting business, and exposure to multimillion-dollar projects around the world, they uncover what it takes to own, run, and grow a profitable business. Through their personal insights, they relay information relevant not only to entrepreneurs and investors seeking to do business in Nigeria, but anywhere on the globe—after all, the heart of business is human interaction. Their conversational banter-jab style, for which they're known in person and on social media, invites readers into their circle where they can share the wisdom gained through continuous pursuits to fulfill their dreams. Business and life intersect. No matter your goal, you're not crazy, and no, you're not alone!  Through In Pursuit, two Bendel boys invite you to laugh, yell, and reflect, as they converse from head and heart. I really enjoyed this conversation, the humour, laffs and entrepreneurship.  To join my Accountability program waitlist send email to In Pursuit Book is available at --- Send in a voice message:

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