Episode IV—Lessons from the Lucky Iron Fish

Episode IV—Lessons from the Lucky Iron Fish

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Gavin Armstrong, Founder and President of Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise, a Canadian social enterprise tackling the issue of iron deficiency with a simple health innovation.  I was in Lima supporting startup ecosystem builders and taking part in a training day for micro, small and medium enterprises. THE MSME event, organized by the Asia Pacific Foundation and Global Affairs Canada, featured a talk by Gavin.  I met Gavin a year ago in Toronto and it felt like a small world to meet again in Lima. Over and over what came up in conversations that day was how difficult it can be to measure and express the multi-faceted performance of a social enterprise. Gavin seemed like a perfect candidate to dig deeper into that topic. So what is it that makes the story and mission of Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise so compelling to partners, stakeholders as well as customers and beneficiaries? What ingredients does a social enterprise need to thrive?

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