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6Q w/Shlomo Sher, Philosopher Professor and Video Game Ethicist

6Q w/Shlomo Sher, Philosopher Professor and Video Game Ethicist

Shlomo Sher is a co host of Ethics and Video Games with a former guest Andy Ashcraft, where they explore controversial ethical issues about video games (e.g. what should be censored), in video games (e.g. what counts as cheating), and in video game design.2:06 Where he wants to be foundhttps://ethicsandvideogames.comEthics and Video Games PodcastApple Podcasts 2:30 Two RoutesDreams and Realities of PhilosophyThe Power of Asking WhyCrisis of MeaningHow he found out he loved philosophyEthics and Video Games classQ2 12:03 Mentorship, Mobility and the BasicsImportance of MentorshipWhy the basics are importantWhy Mobility of Difficult for ProfessorsQ3 15:44 Thai Food & Frozen FoodieShlomo’s favorite ice cream flavorsQ4 17:59 Thinking About Video GamesGames about Social IssuesFrom Fun to ArtThis War of MineActivist GamesQ5 26:28 Focus on QuestionsBuilding Sand CastlesFavorite Sand CastleQ6 33:38 Lei Fung DayFocus on being kind to the “other”Final Word 36:57 Balance your creativity

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