The Delivery Dudes

Delivery Dudes

"Just a couple of delivery guys bein' dudes" Pizza delivery boys Greg and Kendall sit in front of a microphone and talk about delivery stories and whatever comes to mind. Social Media: @DDudesPodcast

Episodes: 9


9. Picnic at the Flagpole

Duration: 46 min

8. How Greg Met Carolyn

Duration: 42 min

7. Justin's Shadow Man

Duration: 40 min

6. Howard: The Bagel Doctor

Duration: 41 min

5. The Dating Game

Duration: 41 min

4. The Pact

Duration: 51 min

3. The Trole Lord

Duration: 50 min

2. Consciously Avoiding Ass

Duration: 43 min

1. Being Homo & Ninja Turtles

Duration: 54 min

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