Winter's Burn II / Batman

Winter's Burn II / Batman

Video: Hard at work finishing the album, just 4 more songs / videos after this one! I was in a happy relationship when I lived in Manitoba, but it was doomed to fail. Winter became synonymous with pain literally and emotionally. This song existed as an acoustic demo for the last two years and here it is now for better or worse. Lyrics: The door, to my heart has been closed for years But you got me, to open up a window It’s too bad, the window is on the 8th floor And I am sorry, for not doing you any favors Now, It’s starting to get cold in here Snow is drifting in from the windows, left wide open I should close them to spare myself from winter’s burn With regret, I should have just let you in You ran away, ran away, when we were getting close But You ran away, ran away, from me Oh, You ran away, ran away, shattering all of our hopes But this is what I get for being honest But it is futile, it’s temporary. I have known this, and I am sorry [You’ve, got me, soaking my thoughts, in this bottle You’ve, got me, hoping that some day I’ll change]

Duration: 3 min

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