Deconstructing Dreamers

#2 Chase Chianpian - Founder of Gallontea

#2 Chase Chianpian - Founder of Gallontea

"Of course there are mishaps and those mishaps help us grow and become better"- Chase Chianpian, founder of Gallontea Facebook: Instagram: He is the founder of Gallontea PH. the first Gallon Milk Tea in the Philippines. His business has been featured in shows like GMA’s I-Juander, media sites such as the Philippines Star, Cosmo, Spot, When in Manila to name a few. His products were also featured by Kapuso actors like Ryzza Mae, Sofia Pablo, Althea Ablan and many more. Not only that even influencers such as David Guison, Christiana Collings and many more were featured drinking Gallontea.With over more than 15 million views on social media as of 2019, it’s currently one of the fastest rising milk tea brands in the country. This episode is brought to you by Caldi Drip Coffee, I love Caldi since it’s a great way to start my day fast since it’s an instant drip coffee brand. Taking my coffee game to the next level without the need for expensive coffee makers or a French press. With only hot water it gives me an artisanal coffee experience right at my home, at the office or anywhere I go. Lastly, since it has zero sugar it’s a healthier alternative for me especially when I need to get that extra push to achieve my dreams. Once again it’s Caldi Drip Coffee your pourtable coffee companion, helping you fuel YOUR crazy dreams. To know more about them like and follow their social media pages at: Facebook: Instagram: Deconstructing Dreamers is a podcast where we deconstruct dreamers from any field delving into their methods, habits, and routines that you listeners can use in your own life. Facebook: Instagram: --- Send in a voice message:

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