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Do You Believe in Reincarnation? - Episode 15

Do You Believe in Reincarnation? - Episode 15

I know... we're confused too, this week your hosts get philosophical and discuss reincarnation. We discuss the story of the Pollock twins who believed they were the reincarnation of their late siblings who passed in a car accident before they were born... This leads to some (dare I even say it) pretty well rounded discourse around the subject and exploration on both sides of the argument. I mean, don't worry we haven't gone too academic on you, there's still a healthy amount of tripe in this episode varying from whether any WW2 fighter jets in were Boeing 747s and how San Francisco was probably a bottle of poppers in a past life. But what do you think? Is Kirstie from HR delusional for believing that fortune teller who told her she was the Virgin Mary's nail tech in another life? Or do you believe in reincarnation? As always make sure to follow our social media accounts and tag us if you're sharing that you're listening @deadtalkpodcast on both Instagram and Facebook. That means you, Kirstie.

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