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Flows, Fatherhood & Film w/Skyzoo

Flows, Fatherhood & Film w/Skyzoo

This week Day 1 Radio caught up with highly-skilled MC and songwriter Skyzoo to talk about his everything from his upcoming album with Pete Rock to dabbling in film. Find a second to sit back and enjoy this one.   4:30 Skyzoo talks his journey since 2009's "The Salvation." -Hip-Hop has changed a lot in 10 years, but Sky has remained relevant by being selective. He also explains his writing process.   11:00 "Fatherhood is the greatest thing in the world" -Skyzoo keeps it real about being a father and having his father in his life.   13:00 Moving to Atlanta -Skyzoo has been coming down south for a while, now he talks about why he made the permanent move.   15:30 Working with Pete Rock on "Retropolitan" collaboration album -Sky says he can't get into too many details, but still shares some good news about the project. He also reveals that he's a jazz snob.   25:30 Don't expect a big "The Salvation" 10th Anniversary celebration -Sky says he is working on a documentary, but don't expect a tour. He also talks about the difference between music you relate to and escape too.   31:30 Is there too much rap music to listen to? -Sky talks about who his favorite MCs are but admits that it's hard to keep up.   35:50 Skyzoo's stance on streaming music -Skyzoo says he's not against streaming music but wants fans to understand you support artists by actually buying music, not streaming it.   38:50 "Anybody that says they didn't have major label aspirations is lying" -Skyzoo has always been independent but admits he'd love the major label shine if he could still have control and be happy with what he's producing.    42:30 Skyzoo talks placements and licensing  -Skyzoo breaks down how placements and licensing have helped his career and the difference between the two. He also talks about how music consumption is at an all-time high, but music sales are at an all-time low.   45:00 Getting into film -Skyzoo talks how he's landed film roles and his part in the acclaimed film Patti Cake$   Day 1 Radio podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, IHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher, Radio Public, and CLNS Mobile Media app. Follow us on Twitter, FB, and IG at @day1radio          

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