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Datenbits Podcast 134 - Mike Discoid (19.12.19)

Datenbits Podcast 134 - Mike Discoid (19.12.19)

Mike Discoid is the core creator of the top end deep mix project Ideology of Sound – a well-known electronic dance music events brand and quality deejay trio music sets in Riga, Latvia (est. 2008). Driven by his desire for deep house, tech and techno, Mike is a regular at some of the best bars and clubs of Riga. Over the years he has played at countless events all over the country as well as in multiple venues in Europe. These include Weekend Baltic Festival 2018 and Under Festival 2019. His curiosity and endless digging for quality music has recently evolved into production of trio’s first release together with Ideology of Sound. Jomas iela was released on Datenbits Recordings in 2015 and followed several other releases on Spring Tube, Encesed, Incepto Deep and more. These days he’s working on several new projects with his team. He feels that music production is a great way connecting with peers and followers on a higher and deeper level. Mike’s dj sets are always thoroughly crafted bringing so much more that just groove to the dancefloor.

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