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Looking Out For Consumers with Matt Gephardt

Looking Out For Consumers with Matt Gephardt

Matt Gephardt is an Emmy Award-winning reporter at KUTV-TV in Salt Lake City. He has worked at the station since 1998. Since 2010 Matt has been the on-air face of the popular Get Gephardt consumer-advocacy franchise at the station. In a world of Jedi Masters and Padawans there, of course, has to be a dark side. Matt digs deep in his investigative reporting on scammers and thieves. Today Matt shares some of his craziest stories and the key to what makes a great story, how to harness the ability to react without overreacting, and how to maintain positive energy and passion through the ups and the downs. Get Gephardt is a household name and has been working to protect and help consumers in Utah since the mid-1990s. It is my pleasure to share with you my interview with Matt so you can better go about your business (and use the force!).

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