Dandies in Danger

Dandies in Danger #6: Arc 1, Ep. 6

Dandies in Danger #6: Arc 1, Ep. 6

"July dances by on black cobblestones..." What to do when the black is the abyss? Chance a fall to the death? Dandies in Danger is a fictional roleplay podcast featuring original characters, original music, and is hosted by Cass, Toast, Haile, and Chess. You can follow us on social media to keep updated! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr: @DandiesinDanger #DandiesinDanger #ladz Arc 1: Cass (she/her): Liam Bardsley, GM Toast (she/her): Adrian Edwards, audio tech Haile (she/her): Zachery Wilkos, producer Chess (he/she/they): Daniel Pritchard, composer

Duration: 43 min

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