Psr Mike S.Banda of Glorious Trinity Synagogue (G.T.S), Accra, Ghana.



Excerpts of today's spirited Daily Star Devotion audio podcast dubbed - AN EVER PRESENT HELPER is by Pastor Mike S. Banda of Glorious Trinity Synagogues (G.T.S) in Accra, Ghana. God is our ever present helper so we must always look up to Him. Always consult and seek God first before asking or enquiring from anyone because God is our ever present helper. After all, scripture says, a man or woman can receive nothing except its given him or her from Heaven and it's God who makes provisions, grace, resources for heaven's usage. No matter the troubles, situations, conditions, oppositions or circumstances still believe and trust in God for success, victory, provisions, restorations, healings etc because He is always the ever present helper. The enemy is looking for your downfall but keep trusting and having faith in God for hope, turns arounds, Miracles, testimonies etc because He's an ever present helper. Never look up to yourself nor let anything or anybody comes first when in need, challenged, troubled because the arm of flesh, its structures and hands are failable and limited. Whereas God's hands and help are ever present and formidable against the fires, waters, valley of shadows of death, oceans, waves, demons etc. God's Spirit is also able to lift up another superior and glorious standard against whatever the enemy brings or manifest. Please listen to today's spirited & powered packed Daily Star Devotion Podcast for more insight, revelations, spiritual keys and blessings. For all enquiries & related issues. Contact Pastor Mike S. Banda of Glorious Trinity Synagogues (G.T.S), on +233266450929 (whatapps) or thewatered

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