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Breakwall - 7.5 - A Strange New World

Breakwall - 7.5 - A Strange New World

Breakwall - Minisode 7.5 - We return to Oliva's story that was first touched upon back in Episode 1.5 - Olivia and a young Jonny (Heather) have arrived at Neo-Atlantis in 2099 where desperate Scottish refugees were confronted with waves of automatic fire as they attempted to scale Arcadia's breakwall. Follow us on Twitter for news and updates. Join us on discord to hang out with cast and crew! Want to support the show? Please check out our Patreon as Cybernautica is 100% Fan Supported! Cybernautica is intended for mature audiences on account of mature language, theme and violence. Please be advised.   CREDITS: Mak Shepard as Announcer Abigail Turner as Heather/Jonny Amy Newark as Olivia Alexander Doddy as Crewman Damian Szydlo as Revik --- Written, Designed and Edited by Damian Szydlo Script Editing by Jupiter Sanders Show theme by Doug Maxwell   Music and Sound Effects from Syrinscape & Audioblocks

Duration: 8 min

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