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33 - Thanks, The Future, & Rudy Caseres

33 - Thanks, The Future, & Rudy Caseres

This week, I spend some time thanking people who help made CXMH possible recently and than talking about what's coming up for CXMH! After that, I talk with Rudy Caseres, an award-winning writer, speaker, & mental health advocate. He shares about his story, being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and wanting to be the next Pope. Join the exclusive Cxmhunity Facebook group to interact with the hosts, guests, and other listeners by pledging just $1/month on Patreon! Connect with Rudy on his website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Support CXMH on Patreon or leave us a review on iTunes or Google Play! Check out our brand new merchandise to show off your love of CXMH or start conversations! Check out other episodes and find your favorite guest on our website.Connect with CXMH on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Connect with Robert on his website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Intro/Outro music for this episode is Fall Down by Rivers & Robots.

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